This is the first Obnam2 iteration planning meeting. My goal is to have iterations that are about two weeks long, and plan enough work for each iteration to move the project forward in some significant way, but not so much work that I get overwhelmed.

I’ll use GitLab milestones to iterations. Each iteration will have a stated concrete goal.

While I’m holding these meeting just by myself, for now, I would welcome more broad participation from others interested in working on Obnam.


When this iteration is over, I, Lars, am using Obnam to back up my personal projects from my personal laptop to my desktop machine at home.


I’ve recently done some preliminary testing and I can back up an initial 50 GiB of data in about 25 minutes, and an incremental backup without changes to the data in about 80 seconds. This is probably fast enough for now. For this iteration, I care less about speed, but more that things are convenient to set up, configure, and run.


For this iteration, I’ve chosen the following issues that need to be fixed to achieve the goal:

  • obnam#4: Chunk server index is not persistent across restarts

This should now be enough to achieve the goal. However, as I expect there to be some problems, I plan on fixing the following issues as well, to help debug things:

  • obnam#30: Doesn’t tell user if a file was backed up for a new generation, or not, and why
  • obnam#31: Lacks verification test that only new, changed files are backed up

There may be other changes as well, but I don’t want to plan too much work for now.