Assessment of the iteration that is ending

The goal for this iteration was:

When this iteration is over, I, Lars, am using Obnam to back up my personal projects from my personal laptop to my desktop machine at home.

That goal was reached.

I started the iteration with a small number of issues to resolve, and did that early in the iteration. I then added more, and got greedy, and didn’t resolve everything. It’s still a successful iteration.

Goal for new iteration

When this iteration is over, I can start suggesting to others that they might try Obnam as a secondary backup solution for personal use.

To achieve this, I need to achieve the following:

  • a way for people to install a specific, numbered release of Obnam
  • a reasonable way for people to set up an Obnam server for themselves
  • start work on an initial set of acceptance criteria for encryption

In addition, I need to continually work on making the code and documentation cleaner, easier to change, and more robust in the face of other people’s needs.


For this iteration, I’ve some issues that need to be resolved in this iteration to achieve its goals.

  • obnam#52: Lacks detailed acceptance criteria for encryption support
    • for this, at least a rudimentary set of scenario should be outlined in the Obnam subplot file, even if they aren’t yet implemented
    • estimate: 4 hours
  • obnam#53: Lacks proper releases
    • estimate: 4 hours
  • obnam#39: Ansible playbook lacks Let’s Encrypt support
    • estimate: 1 hour
  • obnam#45: Requires always specifying the configuration file
    • estimate: 1 hour
  • obnam#49: “obnam backup” should write a summary of the backup run at the end
    • estimate: 1 hour
  • obnam#51: Lacks a way to show information about a generation
    • estimate: 1 hour
  • obnam#36: LocalGeneration requires caller to manage temporary files
    • estimate: 1 hour

Total of 13 hours, rough estimate.

Created milestone 3 for this iteration.