I've just pushed out version 0.8.0 of Obnam, an encrypting backup program. Below are the release notes.

Version 0.8.0, released 2022-07-24

Breaking changes

Breaking changes are ones that mean existing backups can't be restored, or new backups can't be created.

  • The list of backups is stored in a special "root chunk". This means backups are explicitly ordered. This also paves way for a future feature to backups: only the root chunk will need to be updated. Without a root chunk, the backups formed a linked list, and deleting from the middle of the list would updating the whole list.

  • The server chunk metadata field sha256 is now called label. Labels include a type prefix, to allow for other chunk checksum types in the future.

  • The server API is now explicitly versioned, to allow future changes to cause less breakage.

New features

  • Users can now choose the backup schema version for new backups. A repository can have backups with different schemas, and any existing backup can be restored. The schema version only applies to new backups.

  • New command obnam inspect shows metadata about a backup. Currently only the schema version is shown.

  • New command obnam list-backup-versions shows all the backup schema versions that this version of Obnam supports.

  • Obnam now logs some basic performance measurement for each run: how many live files were found in total, backed up, chunks uploaded, existing chunks reused, and how long various parts of the process took.

Other changes

  • The obnam show-generation command now outputs data in the JSON format. The output now includes data about the generation's SQLite database size.

Thank you

Several people have helped with this release, with changes or feedback.

  • Alexander Batischev
  • Lars Wirzenius